Publication: Lessons Learned Report

The Lessons Learned are being developed from February 2018 until September 2019.

The Report is now available in English and will be soon in Spanish.

This report outlines the results of the lessons learned and validation process of the Time to Talk project, undertaken from January to July 2018. This process aimed to identify, analyse and document the:

  • Scope, quality and outcomes of children’s participation in Time to Talk
  • Lessons learned on the participation of working children in advocacy and research projects
  • Recommendations to improve the effective and ethical participation of working children in ongoing research, practice and policy development
The lessons learned and validation process used qualitative and quantitative methods and engaged different project stakeholders:
  • 7 Children Advisory Comittees from Asia, Europe and Latin America
  • Online questionnaire results from four Adult Advisory Committee (AAC) members
  • Transcripts from two, half-day online consultations with four Time to Talk Steering Committee members, and two consultant
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