Author: Aimy Ogaeri

Children’s rights experts exchanges directly with CAC members

Recently, Dialogue Works’ Child Advisory Committee (CAC) members from Bangladesh and Nepal attended a virtual meeting with children’s rights experts to talk about their experienes as working children in the Worst Forms of Child Labour (WFCL). Examples of those forms of child labour are the leather sector and the Adult Entertainment Sector (AES). The meeting between working children and children’s rights experts builds on conclusions from prior discussions, which recognised the need to consider how children’s experiences of the WFCL impact relevant policy. The meeting was a unique opportunity to hear children working in WFCL as experts by experience to gain a deeper understanding of working children’s experiences and assist in strengthening the childen’s rights experts responses and recommendations on child labour. Watch the video below to hear what our CAC members have shared in the meeting.

African Climate Summit: voices of youth advocates

The African Climate Summit, held in Nairobi, brought together Child Advisory Committee members of Dialogue Works like Julie, Mike, Phenylle and Diana, who are also actively engaged in addressing climate change within their communities. These youth delegates, representing the organization Welfare of Children and Youth Kenya, shared their experiences and insights about climate issues, their expectations from countries responsible for climate change, and recommendations for a better approach to include working children and youth in international policy debates.

Empowering voices for gender equality at the Women Deliver Conference

The Women Deliver Conference, a global platform dedicated to gender equality and the promotion of health, rights and well-being of girls and women, took place for the first time this year in an African country, Rwanda. During this special milestone, Elisabeth (16 years old) and Prisca (15 years old), two members of our Children Advisory Committee (CAC) from Dialogue Works partner organization Children’s Voice Today (CVT), made their mark on the conference by making their voices heard.