Time to Talk! goes into a Second Project Phase

Time flies and initially the Time to Talk! project was planned to end 2018 with the publication of our (upcoming) Validation & Lessons Learned Report.Through our participatory feedback mechanisms the Time to Talk! consultants were able to capture the advances, challenges and problem we faced during the last two years of Time to Talk!

Now the good News: Time to Talk! received the official approval of the Germany Ministry for a Second Project Phase of Time to Talk! That means, for one more year till December 2019, we are able to further strenghten children´s voices and participation.  In the next phase we build on the strucure of already existining and newChildren´s Advisory Comittees (CAC) that showed great outcomes on local and national advocacy level.

The second phase is based on the work of the CAC structures around the globe and aims to:

  • Strengthen our capacities, knowledge and experiences in political child participation
  • Build upon existing strengths and resources within the CAC structure
  • Support local and national advocacy led by working children
  • Build upon local/national and global Time to Talk! findings on working children

Right now, our consultants are working on the Toolkit II to prepare and provide support for the second project phase. This will be shared in a Regional Preparations Workshop (Asia, Latin America or Africa) in December or Januar 2019. In the workshops, partners will come together, which supervise a Children Advisory Committee in 2019. The temporary agenda of the Workshop includes:

  • Introductions and get to know
  • Sharing on lessons learned
  • Update on next phase of the project
  • Overview of key findings
  • Introducing and trying out the new toolkit
  • Finance and admin procedures

Of course, Toolkit II and all other information will be shared as well with all other Time to Talk!-partners afterwards in English, Spanish and French. As we are still in the planning and evaluation phase, please give us some time to approach you for the next steps. If you have feedback, questions or anything else – please do not hesitate to contact us: or
We are always happy to hear from you!