Global Workshop in Istanbul

Children’s Advisory Committee coordinators from 7 countries came together in Istanbul for a week to share their experiences during a workshop and reflect on how to continue the great work we have done so far. The main topics of the discussions were, for example:

– Embedding participation. and children’s committees: What opportunities are there to sustainably integrate children’s participation into internal and external structures and processes?
– Social accountability: How can we make decision-makers or other service providers more accountable so that they implement the commitments they have made?
– Global network planning: Building bridges around the world! How can we continue our work as a network beyond the project duration after 2024 and continue to work towards common goals?

We had the support of child rights advisors Claire O’Kane and Ornella Barros. Due to travel restrictions, the other Dialogue Works colleagues took part in the workshop hybrid – which was also a new and interesting challenge for us. Overall, the global exchange was enriching and helpful for the future work of Dialogue Works and beyond.