Kenya: Celebration of the International Youth Day

  Our Partner Organisation WCY (Welfare for Children and Youth) celebrated the International Youth Day

On August the 12th 2019, fifteen girls and fifteen boys of the urban WCY  Children Advisory Commitee (CAC) used the International Youth Day to communicate their following key messages:

  1. Child protection is everyone’s responsibility
  2. Nothing for us without us
  3. We need quality, skill based and relevant education
  4. Stop child labour it hurts our health
  5. Promote children talent as a form of living
  6. Respect our rights, child rights is human rights too
  7. Allocate funds to support child development.
  8. Say no to child abuse and child neglect

Most of the children are being exploited and exposed to harzardous work. Withing the CAC meetings they gain self confidence as they get to know their rights and how to defend them.
The thirty children organised an exhibition to showcase their actions. They used acrobats, music and dance to communicate their key messages to important stakeholders


About WCY – Working Children and Youth

Welfare for Children and Youth is a Kenyan Organisation that aims to give children a voice and let them be heard.
Especially working children should be supported in talking about their situation and trying to make a turn for the better.