Peru: “Let us be happy”

The Children Advisory Comittee in Peru created a theater play tfor their advocacy action to raise awareness on their needs to be happy. With the help from our partner organization CESIP and a professional theater teacher eight girls and six boys taged a play called:

“Dejénnos ser felices” – “Let us be happy”.

The whole play was participatory organised by the Children Advisory Comite (CAC) Members themselves: each of them chose a task they wanted to be responsible for: from the setting and the development of the storyline to the cleaning. The play took place on the 25th of August 2019 in Lima, as part of their Advocacy Action. Many parents, authorities and a representator of  “DEMUNA – Defensoria municipal del niño, niña y adolecente” attended the event.

The main aim of the play was to sensitize parents and authorities for the issue of child labour. With their work, the children expressed their needs to be happy. They want to be protected from dangers when living on the streets and need access to highquality education.

About our partner CESIP – Centro de Estudios Sociales y Publicaciones

CESIP aspires to a fair, inclusive and democratic society, in which children, adolescents and adult women are recognized and recognized as subjects of rights. A society free of violence, respectful of differences of sex, age, ethnic origin, culture, sexual identity/orientation and ideology, in which people have access to opportunities, resources and capacities for the exercise of their citizenship, in harmony with the environment. A society with a secular State that promotes and protects rights, acting ethically, transparently and efficiently and an active and vigilant civil society.