Regional Workshops in Nepal, Zambia, Peru and Kosovo

To start the second phase of the Time to Talk! project four regional workshops took place in Nepal, Zambia, Peru and Kosovo. All 25 partners of the Time to Talk! 2019 came together and tried out the new Toolkit II.

The Toolkit was developed for the project extension and is focused on collaborative and child led advocacy. Therefore it is used as a guidline through the year to support the Children Advisory Comittees (CACs) with child-friendly participation methods on collaborative and child led avocacy. It is designed to support children´s groups to plan, implement, and monitor advocacy or public actions that will help to improve their lives at a local, sub-national, regional and/or even global level. The partner organization were trained by the Time to Talk consultants Claire O´Kaine and Ornella Barros during the regional workshops. Not only building capacities by trying out the different participation methods was the main objective of the workshop. But even the communication between the different organizations was very important and fruitful. We strenghtened our Time to Talk-network, shared experiences on children´s work and created links within organizations and countries, which we hopefully will use in the future. 

Click through the Slideshow to find some impressions from our regional workshops:

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Thanks to all participating facilitators and organization for your dedicated support for Time to Talk! and for the very inspiring and motivating days during the workshops.

Now the organizations start to work with the Children Advisory Comittees in the local areas and we can´t wait to hear stories and ideas from the working children and youth!