Zambia: “If We Work Together We Can Build A Better Future”

Our Partner Organization JCM performed their theme song “If We Work Together We Can Build A Better Future” to parents and politicians



“I used to make the children work even it was time for school. Now i know  they help before school, time for school i take over the household chores.”

This is a quote from one of the parents, visiting the Advocacy Action  from the CAC of JCM Zambia on 22nd of August 2019.  It shows the positive effect that the Adcocacy Action had on the childrens parents.  Many parents expect their children to help in the household and support their families. In the same time they underestimate the importance and power of education for the future of their children and their families in longterm.

Fourteen child workers and members of JCM invited their parents and other stakeholders with the goal to raise awareness on school absenteeism, resulting from child work.
With the help of the local church, the ministry of education, the ministry of labour and the marker association the children communicated their five key messages:

  1. Give me time to rest, play, go to school and study.
  2. Take our education seriously
  3. Please have kind hearts
  4. Send us to sell at the right time,and in the right places
  5. Please give me work for my age.

Therefore a round table was organized where the Stakeholders were taken through a CAC journey and the activities they had done so far within Time to Talk!. Some children held a poem, others staged a play or rapped. This gave the visitors the opportunity to emphasize better with the childrensĀ“situation. Together all children sang their theme song: “If We We Work Together We Can Build A Better Future”. 

The Advocacy Action was a success: the participants and stakeholders are willing to work together with the CAC members of JCM for a better future:

  1. 140 Parents were reached with the key message and made commitment to reach out to the community (including parents/guardians for CAC members)
  2. 10 stakeholders engaged and were able to provide legal support to the CAC members.
  3. The support and presence of  the Area Councilor (Local authority) gave the CAC members more confidence

About JCM – Jesus Cares Ministry

Jesus Cares Ministry has the  mission to teach the Word of God with simplicity, conviction and in the Power of His Holy Spirit for the conversion of souls and to express the Love of Christ.  They believe it’s God’s will to encourage, strengthen, assist, train, equip and send out ministry gifts into their communities, state and around the world.  Their mission is to bless you