Bolivia: Carnival March against Violence

Children at Carnival: «Without abuse we have a better life!»

In Bolivia the Children Advisory Committee Members joint the local Carnival Festival and spread their messages about ending violence against children. To achieve this purpose, meetings have been held to prepare on how to carry out the group called “Comparsa de Huellas de Ternura”, the objective of which was to sensitize the general population about the need to live and practice attitudes of respect, good treatment, respect for human rights and making a call to live without violence.

The context is difficult and it is necessary to work on violence prevention issues at these carnival festivals, especially as there is excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages that promote negative and violent attitudes. With the activity the CAC wants to show the entire population that it can change and have fun in a healthy way without violence.

Mention that, with the participation of more than 1,200 girls, boys, adolescents and teachers, the CAC carried messages on banners, balloons and masks.

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They toured the main streets of the city of Potosí, and then the comparsa ended in the atrium of the cathedral, where they had a space to make known about complaints and initiatives to the authorities and the population in general, as well as some key messages from how to be:

  • A healthy life without violence we will find equality.

  • We cannot teach our children to behave better by making them feel worse.

  • The love my mother gave was more powerful than the hatred my father provoked.

  • In the face of abuse, zero tolerance.

  • Without abuse we have a better life.

  • No more hitting that hurts or words that hurt.

  • Teach me to love.

Those were the messages that moved the participants of the activity carried out on February 18. At the culmination of the same, snacks and refreshments were delivered to all participants. Authorities from the Ministry of Labor participated in the activity.

During the tour, the children sang choruses against violence and the population listened carefully, and the words of the Banner caught the attention of the inhabitants who were on the tour. On the other hand, to complete the advocacy activity, the production and recording of a sport on Domestic Violence itself has been carried out and will be broadcast by the media and social networks.