Philippines: Time to Talk! live on the radio

On the World Day against Child Labour three members of the same group  were invited to vitsit the radio station. Justine Regasa, Vea delos Santos and Justine delos Santos shared their struggles as child laborers.

They also shared the dreams for their future and communicated the desires that all children in the Philippines can set foot into schools and not into hazardous work environment.

For the first time, children were able to express their views and share their thoughts about their situation in public in the Phillipines. Viewers and Listeners showed interest on the topic of child labour by commenting and asking questions as a reaction to the report and video.

Furthermore one of the CAC members of Kaugmaon, Jed Lagria, attended the weekly Kapehan sa Dadaw press conference in SM Ecoland Davao City. Together with the executive director of Kaugmaon, Ms Florie May Tacanglast he campaigned for support from the private sectors for the education of working children in Davao City.

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About Kaugmaon

Kaugmaon for Children’s Rights and Social Development is a child rights organization that commits to facilitate and provide better means and opportunities for marginalized children and young people, and recognizes their role in social transformation. The term “kaugmaon”, which is a Visayan word for “future”, is a text that succinctly conveys the organization’s aim of building a future for these children despite their difficult circumstances by promoting their rights in a platform of empowerment, skills enhancement and policy advocacy.