Ready, Set, Go! – Because Dialogue Works

Now that Time to Talk has come to an end, we are pleased to annouce what’s next! Learn all about our new project!

For the past 4 years, we have collaborated with working childrens advisory committees (CACs) around to world. Through this collaboration we were able to push for the participation of working children in local, national and global political debates and at the same time we have learned so much about our work with and for children. These lessons learned will now be put to use:

From 2020-2024 we will be able to continue our efforts to amplify working children’s voices and to expand spaces for them to partcipate meaningfully in policy planning and implementation: On October 15th we were finally able to offically kick-off our follow-up project:

Dialogue Works – Anchoring working children’s participation in societal and political processes

What is Dialogue Works about (in short):

  • Strengthen working children’s participation in local to global policy debates
  • Supporting local Children Advisory Committees with capacity building & child led Advocacy
  • Creating a global Community of Practice to share experiences, best practices and make joint Advocacy efforts
  • Promote working children’s exchange between different regions and countries
  • Make working children’s voices be heard on the V. Global Conference on Child Labour in 2022

If you wanna know more, please do not hesitate to contact us any time – via email or our social media channels! And of course keep an eye out for updates coming to our website really soon.

We are exicted for this new chapter & we hope you are, too.

Concept Note Dialogue Works in English, Spanish, German.