Video from the Global Child Forum

Impressions from the Global Child Forum 2018

«Isn’t it logical that we include children in what we decide today? They have to live with the consequences.» H.R.H. Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands demanded the inclusion of children in all matters affecting them.

The protection, promotion and participation of children form the three pillars of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. During the 10th Global Child Forum in Stockholm special focus was placed on the aspect of how children with diverse backgrounds, from all over the world can be included in decision-making processes. The Time to Talk! children’s delegates, Fauza and Kesia gave an impression to the attending international companies and organizations that there still is a long way to go to reach that goal. Representing over 1.800 working children that are part of Time to Talk! they brought their voices to the conference urging the global community to not leave children behind, especially when it comes to pollitical debates. With this demand they are not alone. Many more children worldwide are united in their wish to be heard and supporters of children’s participation such as H.R.H. Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands help to open eyes and ears of the ones that are key to child participation.

The following video gives an impression of some supporters of this cause that were present at the last Global Child Forum: