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Advocacy in Action: Peru

One primary goal of our campaign is to empower working children and to encourage them to advocate on their own behalf. We will regularly present examples of such advocacy on this website – today one from our partner organisation Ifejant from Peru.

In November, 2021, and in cooperation with the national movement REDNNA, the CAC supported by Ifejant organized a meeting with the Special Commission for the Protection of Children of the Congress of the Republic. The meeting was held hybrid, also streamed in the internet. Together they discussed about education, participation, health, economy, child labour and protection of working children. One main demand was for stakeholders to ensure safe returns to school, following protection measures. Due to weak and low quality of internet, CAC members complained that especially in rural areas it is difficult to have access to online classes.

Livestream of the dialogue with the Special Comission

At the end of the meeting, they agreed to promote a draft law for the registration and protection of working children and youth and to ensure a consultative participation of working children permanently in the Special Commission.

A second Advocacy Action took part in the lights of the Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The CACs organized a festival and dialogue with local authority representatives to address violence against children and invited local politicians, school staff, other movements and other people of their community. Especially effects of violence on mental health and the increased number of children and adolescents affected to it due to the pandemic were the focus of the discussion. They agreed with the local authorities to take preventive and vigilant measures to address this problem.