Foundation of Children Advisory Committees

Children’s Advisory Committees for Consultations on Children’s Work 

The Campaign aims to encourage and support children to organise action in their local communities and to be heard at different levels to improve the lives of working children. To support the organisation of the consultations Children’s Advisory Committees were  formed in 17 countries and regions of the world.

Members of the Children’s Advisory Committee can:

✓ help try out the consultation tools and give suggestions to improve them;
✓ support consultations with working girls and boys in your country;
✓ undertake action to improve the lives of working children;
✓ support analysis of key findings from consultations with children in different places;
✓ help to develop recommendations for different groups of adults (e.g. government, employers, parents/ caregivers, teachers etc) to improve the lives of working children;
✓ advise and support the development of presentations and child friendly reports

Some of the  Children’s Advisory Committees (CAC) built upon an existing children’s group or were create as a new group of working children to form a new Children’s Advisory Committee.

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