Day for the dignity of working children in Potosi, Bolivia

The working children associated with our partner-organisation, PASOCAP, recently celebrated a great achievement. After more than 10 years of hard work, a milestone in the recognition of dignified work was reached.

On the 8th of December, the municipality of Potosi approved and handed over the Municipal Law N° 419, which commemorates the day for the dignity of the working children in the city. Moreover, the law regulates the provision of funds for the work on protection and prevention issues related to working children.

This positive development owes much to the effort of the “CASA NATs” program and our Children´s Advisory Comittees (CAC), and we are very proud of the impressive work they did!


Ana Rosa, a representative of the CAC from PASOCAP, said that the working children are very happy and proud about the implementation of this law. However, she emphasized that their determined work continues. Their objective is to have dignified work, free from exploitation, as well as a fair salary for all working children.

Watch the official presentation of the law and listen to what CAC members said about their work in a speech!