Kenya – Walk against Child Labour

Children Advisory Committee members in Kenya organised a march against Child Labour. They invited important stakeholders to share their messages. 30 members of the Children Advisory Comittee based in Homa Bay marched against Child Labour. The walk took place within the Ndhiwa community in Homabay. The goal was to sensitise the community members to the importance of  a child labour free community where the children are allowed to exercise their rights. For instance their right to light and limited work. The children took the lead role of being the walk marshals and moderators and articulated their demands to invited stakeholders. The invited guests included the local adminstration, the county government officers, religious leaders, community opinion leaders and leaders from other child serving organization. The flagging off was done by the local adminstrator who gave full support for the children rights and help in preventing child labour.

The children´s key messages were:

  1. Every child has a right to appropriate age child work

  2. Its our time to learn not time to work

  3. Protect  a child and have a secure future

  4. If you see or hear child labour please speak up

  5. Support, protect and treat injured child.

Due to the Public Action many adults realized that its time to give children the chance to speak up for themslves. This can be seen as the first great success!

CAC member holding a sign

About WCY – Working Children and Youth

Welfare for Children and Youth is a Kenyan Organisation that aims to give children a voice and let them be heard.
Especially working children should be supported in talking about their situation and trying to make a turn for the better.