“We need quality skill based and relevant education!”

“Let our voices be heard” – Proposals of working children and youth

This year 29 Children Advisory Comittees participated in the “It´s Time to Talk!” Campaign and identified problems, discussed solutions and formed messages and recommendations for political stakeholders – all around the main topic of Child Work.

Download the full paper: “Let our voices be heard!”

Descargar el Documento de Recomendaciones : “¡Que se escuchen nuestras voces!”

The committees created a universal “Recommendation Paper” which includes all voices of the children involved in the campaign to let people and politicians now what their main issues are:

1. Protect us from labour exploitation, harsh conditions and risks, and allow us to do suitable and dignified work!

“Raise awareness about dangers that working children face. Children’s place is not in the streets, but inside the schools.” (CAC, Kosovo)

2. Prevent and protect working children from violence and discrimination!

Promote education of girls, and involve girls and boys to break the cycle of violence through economic e m p o w e r m e n t.” (CAC, Tanzania)

3. Address poverty, provide decent jobs for our parents, and ensure that our basic needs are met!

“More must be done to increase family income and to raise government awareness of public welfare, especially family welfare of working children, to free children from obligation to work.” (CA C, Idonesia)

4. Take our education seriously and provide quality education and skill training!

“We need quality skill based and relevant education.” (CAC, Kenya-WCY)

5. Listen to us, understand us, and implement laws that respect our rights!

“[Our goal is] to present the proposals of working children and adolescents to decisionmakers.” (CAC, Guatemala)