Global Conference on The Sustained Eradication of Child Labour in Buenos Aires.

“Simply Explained” – the results of the Global Conference of The Sustained Eradication of Child Labour explained child friendly

The inicial aim of the “It’s Time to Talk!”-campaign was to visit the Global Conference of The Sustained Eradication of Child Labour in Buenos Aires in November 2017 together with a children’s delegation. Because of several reasons concerning time and logistic troubles we were not able to reach this aim: the Steering comittee of Time to Talk! traveled as represantatives for all participating children to Argentina and presented the campaign and finally the report with all findings and results.

The report is already available in a child friendly language to share all experiences and views of the children among each other. But we also want to explain what results came out of the conference itself. All participating countries adopted a declaration after the conference. In “Simply Explained” we wrote this declaration in a very child friendly language to let all children know, what they decided what will happen concerning “child work” in the future.

Main principles

One of the main principles is that everyone has to understand, that every working child can build his or her own opinion about the work he or she is doing. And it has to be ensured, that every child can express that opinion free, that it is heard and that it is taken for serious. The declaration also calls for action to all presidents or politicans, that they have to do everything to end Child Labour until 2030. They should invest more into schools, protect children who are exploited but also create fair work conditions for those, who have to work. One principle is “knowledge is power” which records, that the more you know about a problem, the better you can work against it, compare answers and evaluate the progress.

Supermaia and Paul, who you may already know from the Child Friendly Report, guide you through the results of the Buenos Aires declaration and also show the messages of the Time to Talk!-children.

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