Author: Marieke Erlenstedt

Advocacy in Action: Rwanda

One primary goal of our campaign is to empower working children and to encourage them to advocate on their own behalf. One excellent example of such an advocacy action is presented by the Children’s Advisory Committee (CAC) from our partner Children’s Voice Today in Rwanda. They initiated an advocacy dialogue with political decisionmakers, representatives of child rights organisations and the media. The CAC members had prepared a presentation on common cases of hazardous child labour that still occur within the district, and on the impact this has on children’s lives. They also proposed solutions on how to address the issue of children engaged in harmful work, including ¬†identifying children engaged in harmful work, gather all the information about them, gain their trust, remove them from harmful work, and reintegrate them into their families, as well as sensitizing parents, children, and employers on child labour. The decision-makers acknowledged the issues raised by children and committed themselves to join efforts to combat child labour by carrying out community awareness on the effects of child labour, reinforce inspections, …

CAC Diary from Rwanda

Our partner organisation Children’s Voice Today from Rwanda has documented one of their CAC meetings and the learnings gained in the process in this amazing video. It illustrates how clearly working children can state what work is acceptable or even positive to them, and what they do not want to do. When working children’s views are taken into account, it contributes to their protection and well-being.

Participation & Resilience

Children’s resilience, their capacity to adapt to new situations and contexts, has always been an important factor which impacted how children learned, strived and succeeded. However, during the past 18 months of a global pandemic – leading to school closures, job loss and isolation – the crucial role resilience can play in the development of a child has been emphasized even more.