Indonesia: “It’s time to talk about ending Child labour!”

A Banner for commitment

Our Time to Talk! partner PKPA in Indonesia shared great pictures of CAC members designing a banner.  It was created by a group of 30 children, who all drew  a poster that was later transfered onto the banner. Afterwards the finished product was hung at a place where children used to work. The participants of Langkat Child Festival signed the banner with the statement “Say No to Child Labour” as the symbol against child labor in the Kuala Sub district. More than 50 adults signed the banner and committed to the message on it.

It’s Time to Talk! on national Radio!

To raise even more awareness on the issue of child labour a CAC member as well as a Consultative member where invited to a talkshow on a radio show in Medan City. The talkshow lasted for an hour and focused on ending child labour in the context of the Time to Talk! campaign.  The show was brodcasted nation wide.

Declaration against Child Labour

Moreover, PKPA formulated a declaration against Child Labour. In a workshop that was attented by a large group of children, but also by a number of related stakeholders such as the local police and members of NGO’s, participants formulated five recommendations directed at government officials:

1. Child Labour must be stopped,
2. Children’s rights must be protected and they have to be protected from exploitation and abuse.
3. Children must be able to get education.
4. Kuala has to be a Child Friendly Zone.
5. Children need space for participation.

At the end of the workshop the participants released Balloons as a symbol of the children’s commitment to participate in  Advocacy activities for childrens rights and refuse child labour.

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