Participation & Resilience

Children’s resilience, their capacity to adapt to new situations and contexts, has always been an important factor which impacted how children learned, strived and succeeded. However, during the past 18 months of a global pandemic – leading to school closures, job loss and isolation – the crucial role resilience can play in the development of a child has been emphasized even more.

In a briefing paper we published in September, we take a closer look at the relationship between children’s participation and children’s resilience.

Participation, or the lack thereof, significantly impacts the mental & emotional state of a child – and it also determines whether policies aiming to improve children’s well-being and resilience will acutally do so.

The paper is based on the insights aquired during the international campaign and research project It’s Time to Talk!, an exploratory study of working children’s experiences during COVID-19 and wider research and evaluation evidence.

Read it here in English, Spanish & German.